With Grote’s Guardian Smart Trailer System, you’ll never be caught off guard by a short or burned-out light again.

Our state-of-the-art monitoring system attaches to any type of trailer light - LED or incandescent - and communicates with your smartphone or telematics system to give you real-time status updates.

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Let's talk features.

Real-time alerts.

Access to real-time alerts empowers fleet operators to quickly respond and replace the lamp, if necessary, while still on the road. The knowledge of a lamp being out gives them the option to replace it on the road or risk the CSA violation and continue on their route.

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Up to 100 times per second.

The smart system measures both voltage and current to determine when a change in current has occurred that is the result of a lamp going out. — It samples at a rate of up to 100 times per second.

Wireless Transmission

Once the Grote Guardian Smart System has detected an outage, it then sends fault information through three different methods depending on your preference: to telematics devices, via Bluetooth to our mobile app, available on iOS and Android, or through the use of a geo-fence gateway.

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Take a look.

The Guardian Smart Trailer System module integrates seamlessly into our well known Grote Ultra Nose Box. The Nose Box contains thirty-nine pin connections to eliminate overcrowding of wires and is equipped with a hinged door to keep out elements that could lead to corrosion and power surges, keeping your smart system module snug and secure.

Grote Nose Box containing Guardian Smart Trailer System Module

High versatility.

Simple integration with the trailer via the Grote Ultra Nose Box, working with both LED and incandescent lights. And coming soon, configuration for all trailer body types and access to a wealth of analytical data on Grote’s secured, cloud-based network.

Smart Trailer System versatility

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We're passionate about UX.

Our Guardian Smart Trailer System utilizes bluetooth technology to connect and communicate with your mobile device, whether Android or iOS. The custom, sleek design has been implemented with you, our customer, in mind to ensure the smoothest user experience of any smart trailer system app you will come across.

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The algorithm compares current level changes to determine when a lamp has failed, distinguishing between a failure and an intermittent connection, which avoids false positives.

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Maximize security and uptime.

With future access to analytical data on Grote's secure cloud-based network.

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Minimize maintenance cost and CSA exposure.

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Let’s talk about how Guardian can make your fleet safer and more efficient.

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