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BriteZone’s Go Anywhere Mossy Oak® Hand Held LED Light
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Small Round

12 - 36V DC

BriteZone’s Small, mount anywhere round light is perfect for small applications that call for a tremendous amount of light. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this light contains five LEDs and a 17" blunt cut cable.

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5 LEDs
1240 raw lumens
Polycarbonate lens
Die cast aluminum housing

With LED power that far outshines halogen, this BriteZone LED Light gets the job done. Grote’s BriteZone range has the LED light to shed light on any use — even tow trucks, garbage trucks and forklifts—without breaking the bank.

BZ111-5 LED Light on scooter

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BriteZone’s line of affordable LED lights that are designed to work when you need them—no excuses.